2018 is here and as the design lover that I am, I have found myself over the past months, looking over dozens of magazines, blogs, websites, and Pinterest images analyzing the new trends that we suggest will be huge for 2018.  Some of them I absolutely #LOVE and it occurred to me that this might be a great topic to start writing on the blog. So wish me luck, and… Let’s start!

1. Deep, edgy, and vibrant colors + Jewel Tones

Would you dare to paint your walls in this dark oxford blue color? We would absolutely do it. Having such a rich and deep color as the background of a space just makes it perfect for all the furniture and accessories to shine and pop.


2. Leather + Natural Elements

Few things add more richness, beauty, and elegance into a room like leather furniture. And when you mix this material with accessories made from natural elements like wood, greenery, stone, and gems, you will get a very dramatic and unique look.


3. Gems Tones + Gem Accessories

From the kitchen to living room, bedroom, or wallpaper… Gems are here to stay. If you have been wondering how can you incorporate this new trend to your home, the answer is here: Go with a Geode or Agate design pattern and use it via subtle accents, like small painting canvases, coasters, or small pieces of furniture like a side table lamp. The use of these gems in accessories and small furniture gives a sense of glamour and livability to the design spaces.


4. Dark tones + Mixed Finishes

Have you been thinking about doing a kitchen reno? This is the year for it! As mentioned before, richer color palettes and different color metals will be a must! especially in the kitchen. And they look incredible.


*Bonus tip: Another thing that is here to stay in 2018 are Rugs, but Rugs with vintage designs, on all sizes and shapes.


5. Statement Floors

Statement floors are not just for bathrooms, they can look amazing in the living room, kitchen, or the entry. You should not be afraid of having some fun with statement floors. If putting them all over your living room seems kind of scary, you can just start with a smaller space like a powder room or mudroom. By unexpectedly changing the design and color of your floors you can change the feel of whole space.

Photo7_ 026


6. Oversized Wall Art

Big art pieces are perfect for making a GRAND statement and being the center point of any room. An oversized artwork on a wall can set the tone for any room, from peculiar intimate spaces to large open lofts.



7. Wall Tiles

 Black and white geometric backsplash tiles, white marble slab backsplash, Penny Rounds Mosaic, you name it! Walls are going to be a protagonist this year.





Image sources: Studio McGeePinterestMyDomaineArent & PykeDPagesStudio KOArchitectural Digest, Decor Pad

So, to sum it up, 2018 is a year that will show us a lot of juxtaposition of styles and colors. Neutrals are still a thing in decor but the color and different patterns are getting more territory than in the last couple of years. I hope you have enjoyed this post and please feel free to share which decor trends are your favorites from this blog, or if you have another one, let us know.

Thanks for stopping by!



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