FREEBIES || 5 Wallpapers to inspire you this winter

I once heard or read somewhere that you have to be kind to yourself because you are the only one listening. This thought has always stayed very deep in my mind because I am a perfectionist and this means that when something is not as what I think it should be, I can be very hard on myself.

So what do I do when bad thoughts come to my mind? I take a deep breath and repeat this phrase in my head or out loud and gain a better outlook of the situation and how I am reacting to it.

For this reason, it occurred to me to create and share these encouraging wallpapers with you so you can look at them everytime you are in your laptop or desktop and start being kind to yourself one little step at a time.

Hope you like them!






I hope you enjoy using these and if you do, I’d love to see them in action!

Feel free to tag me #ondesigninteriors in any photos you upload on Instagram. You can save them on Pinterest too!

Disclaimer: These backgrounds are for personal use only.

Thanks for stopping by!


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