I am the creative mind behind ON DESIGN Interiors. Originally from an incredible country in South America called Ecuador I now have the privilege of living in beautiful British Columbia. If you know a little about both places you will agree with me that I got the best of both worlds. I’m an interior and graphic designer, home stager, artist, lover of all things crafty, and now blogger – I know it’s a lot, but what can I say? I’m passionate about all things creative.

Because I was born on a hot, sunny and coastal metropolis, I have been surrounded by amazing architecture, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, fancy parties, and I have travelled my entire life. All of these, plus, the fact that my family is made up of business people as well as decorators, marketers, event planners, and fashion lovers, have led me to become the person who I am today.

Now, the question that most people ask me as soon as they meet me? What are you doing in Canada? Well, the story is long, but the short answer is always the same: it was for love…

And why I created this blog? It was created to showcase my ideas, inspirations, and all the things in between that get into my mind. In here you will find decor, graphic design freebies, travel, hiking adventures, paintings, and blog posts about design and lifestyle.

Through my blog, I hope you will find a place to get inspired, maybe drink a glass of wine and relax looking at some of my art and design work and concepts. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating and improving it every week.

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{ Gracias por venir }